***I am currently in a nanny position, 2 days per week, therefore I am only available upon request for ad-hoc babysitting. Please contact me for more information***

I am available for a variety of roles to suit your individual needs.

Prices start at £10 per hour.

All Childcare is provided in the child’s own environment.

  • PA (Personal Assistant) 

Childcare available to children of all ages with medical/special needs for placements via Direct Payment/Social Services within the child’s Local Authority. Training may be required prior to my placement. 

  • *Nanny

Childcare in the child’s own environment. Nannies :

  • Prepare healthy meals for the children, with appropriate sized portions.
  • Keep the children entertained with age-appropriate physical & mentally stimulating activities.
  • Support the children in their physical, emotional & mental development & education – such as reading books to little children, taking them to adventure playgrounds and helping older ones with homework/ prep.
  • Arrange trips and playmates with the children’s friends, both ‘home and away’.
  • Cleaning and tidying up after the children and in their bedrooms.
  • Taking care of their laundry, washing clothes and bedding, ironing for the children. Any sewing of children’s clothes.
  • Cleaning toys and equipment used by the children.
  • Bathing the children and putting them to bed (if required by the parent/s)
  • Often available to babysit – by separate agreement and paid separately.
  • *Nanny Housekeeper

Childcare and light housework. A Nanny Housekeeper combines the roles of Nanny and Housekeeper, however please bear in mind that I cannot perform both tasks at the same time, particularly if you have young children. The Nanny Housekeeper can only perform housework duties when not looking after your children, or if your children are slightly older and do not require the close supervision and engagement necessary for younger children. Nanny Housekeepers are normally paid more than Nannies.

  • *Nanny PA

More and more families are requesting a Nanny PA (Personal Assistant), particularly when they have school aged children and the Nanny has ‘spare’ hours in the middle of the day. Nanny PAs can help organise family life, such as taking clothes to the dry cleaners, making appointments for the children/parents, ordering shopping, taking care of small administration tasks and organising quotes for plumber/ electrician etc. As with the Nanny Housekeeper, the focus will be the children and only when the children are at school/ taking a nap would the Nanny PA be attending to the other tasks.

  • Evening Sitter

For up to 4 Sleeping children

  • Occasional and Emergency childcare

Job interviews, gym class, child free shopping, childminder closures etc

  • Home care

Household duties, companionship and personal assistance for adults.

Prices are from £10… Please contact me to discuss your requirements for a personalised quote.

*Source:Heavenly Nannies