Homeschooling Olivia… Deschool

Just going through the process

It’s been a few weeks now since we decided homeschooling was something we were all happy with.

I’d done a lot of research back in 2012 about homeschooling, deschooling, unschooling, online schooling… The list went on and on and it seemed there were a different curriculum for each child out there, and a few left over for good measure. It was quite overwhelming but I have always been keen to try new things!

Back in ’12 I decided it would be a good idea to put a plan in place to see if my girls and I could homeschool. So we gave it a try in the summer holidays and I was (as I usually am) full of optimism. We bought conquer maths and we set off using my minimal knowledge of the whole idea, but Olivia was keen to have a go. And we failed. I think we were set for a fail because:

1-I thought it would be OK to school my children in their school summer holiday… A time they had anticipated for weeks before it came… They were excited to do all the things they couldn’t usually do because they were in school. Sitting down and formally learning was not their idea of fu

2-We didn’t take time out to deschool. We rushed straight in. Deschooling is usually 1 month for every year the child has been in school. It’s almost like they need to be weaned off school and the institutional rhythm. It takes time to get that out of the system. Olivia is now 14 and she has been in school up until last October… We have a long deschool ahead of us.

3-I didn’t find a support network in my area. No one I knew homeschooled their children and the only group I found met so infrequently I found it hard to even get to meet them. And I’m a people person. I needed them.

4-It was just a ‘trial’. I never intended for it to last, and because of that, it didn’t. Not only that I struggled with nagging the children to tidy their room… Getting them to do any sort of formal learning was pushing me over the edge.

Looking back and thinking about what went wrong has enabled us to get things right this time.

Olivia has been deschooling and we have sat down and wrote plans, tried to carry them out, not followed them and assessed why the plans didn’t work. We are currently happy to just find a rhythm that works for us, we are still looking and still trying new methods. Each day we are learning about ourselves and making relationships with others we come across along the way.

I’ve panicked a few times, wondering if Olivia needs to be formally learning sooner, but we are both happy to go with the flow, and embracing the spontaneous learning we come across in every day life and having fun!

Thank you for reading my post. If you liked it give a ⭐ and please share, it helps me out 🙂 I look forward to writing more posts about our homeschooling journey.


Author: Alex@ministryofminding

Hi! 2017 was my year! 2018 will be too! I’ve been a registered childminder for the past 12 years and have loved working with babies, children and their families. Ministry of minding is my passion...a service that allows parents and careers to have time away from the children to reboot their energy levels and to help them discover themselves again, and eachother! Parenting is a full time job, even when we go to work full time! Having at least 1 full time job means we need a break...not just once every 3 months or so...We need regular time away to be the best parent or career we can be, and by regular I mean at least once a fortnight! Ministry of minding allows you to have that time away without feeling guilty! No one does a good job when they are running on empty! By choosing me to come to your house, I’m giving you peace of mind your children are well cared for and the ‘sitter‘ has a valid paediatric first aid certificate, is fully insured, has a level 4 qualification and has more than 12 years of experience in childcare and more than 16 years experience of being a homeowner and parent! I’m a very proud parent of 3 very clever daughters aged 16, 14 and 3. I’m doing what I’m passionate about because I want them to see any parent can go and achieve their dreams, no matter their circumstances or age! Thank you for taking your time to read this...and if you’ve gotten this far you might as well get to know me even more! I love (a lot!) Christmas, Halloween, Harry Potter (clue in my business name), Disney, Autumn and walking (or cycling) through the beautiful places in this world. Now you have to meet me to get to know me even more!

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