My favourite books (Paper and Audio) to learn about France and French

Books that helped me Pamela Druckermans’ French Children Don’t Throw Food is one of my favourite reads. I read it while my hubby drove from the North West to Holland, for our family holiday in 2013. I was unable to put it down…

This book helps you to understand parenting, education, and tradition in France, which in my opinion is a great place to start when it comes to learning French, especially if you have children.

At the time I was a childminder and working alone can leave you and your practice stale at times. I was definitely feeling like I needed to get my ‘thing’ back. This book definitely did it for me. I was excited to implement lots from this book into my practice, including learning French.

In 2015 when I had my youngest daughter I reread the book to refresh my memory. I use it on a daily basis to help me with parenting even today.

When my daughter was around 10 weeks old I was thinking about her ‘doing her nights’ as mentioned in the book. I read of ways to implement the structure of the ‘doing her nights’ into my then nightly routine. I was armed with a plan and was ready to use it once my Ellie was 12 weeks old.

At 11 weeks +2 days Ellie slept through the night and continued to do so every night. My plan was not needed but I’m so glad I had the plan there and ready to be used.

Now that we homeschool and Ellie is with me full time (she’s almost 3), whenever we go to the park, I sit at the side watching her play and interact with her peers, creating relationships with new friends. She is so lovely to watch. If she falls she picks herself up and if she needs me I am there. But I don’t come running and I don’t play with her. This is her place not mine. I’ll happily chat with other parents at the edge of the park and have my own fun time getting to know new people.

If you are pushed for time to read this fantastic book… Try Pamela’s parenting tips book: French Parents Don’t Give In this is a great book for quick reference. Parenting is the hardest job! Make it easier for you 🙂

Now we are learning French as a family and hope to spend more time in France in the future.

Paul Noble’s French Course is a fab way to learn to speak French. It’s available on audible which is a great platform to learn a new language. It’s repetitive and easy to follow. We are currently using this and find it such a refreshing way to learn a language.

If you have any questions about any of the books mentioned above or about Audible, please do ask.

Thanks for your time… Keep positive!


Author: Alex@ministryofminding

Hi! 2017 was my year! 2018 will be too! I’ve been a registered childminder for the past 12 years and have loved working with babies, children and their families. Ministry of minding is my passion...a service that allows parents and careers to have time away from the children to reboot their energy levels and to help them discover themselves again, and eachother! Parenting is a full time job, even when we go to work full time! Having at least 1 full time job means we need a break...not just once every 3 months or so...We need regular time away to be the best parent or career we can be, and by regular I mean at least once a fortnight! Ministry of minding allows you to have that time away without feeling guilty! No one does a good job when they are running on empty! By choosing me to come to your house, I’m giving you peace of mind your children are well cared for and the ‘sitter‘ has a valid paediatric first aid certificate, is fully insured, has a level 4 qualification and has more than 12 years of experience in childcare and more than 16 years experience of being a homeowner and parent! I’m a very proud parent of 3 very clever daughters aged 16, 14 and 3. I’m doing what I’m passionate about because I want them to see any parent can go and achieve their dreams, no matter their circumstances or age! Thank you for taking your time to read this...and if you’ve gotten this far you might as well get to know me even more! I love (a lot!) Christmas, Halloween, Harry Potter (clue in my business name), Disney, Autumn and walking (or cycling) through the beautiful places in this world. Now you have to meet me to get to know me even more!

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