5 things you probably didn’t know about me!

We all have secrets… These are not secrets but these are things you’ll probably only get out of me after we have had 20+ conversations.

1. I went to school in New Zealand for a week while we were visiting friends for 2 months. They didn’t wear shoes and I discovered water fountains (and the fear of the lergy you can catch from them), Hungry Hungry Hippos game, the Smurfs and raisins! (I was 6)

2. We hired mopeds on a family holiday to Rhodes when I was 16 and a car pulled out in front of us, we turned sharply to avoid a collision and ended up sliding along the road. I got surface burns and a lovely old lady ran out to us and helped us into her house and then squirted my wounds with hydrogen peroxide! Ouch!

3. One of my most favourite places in the whole world (so far) is the World Showcase in Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida. I just love every inch of this. When my children were younger (and my 3rd wasn’t born) we got a Disney passport and travelled into each country experiencing encounters with people from the county, traditional food and drink from the country there was so much to learn about each place…and I just loved everything about it. My now 14 year old says she can’t remember going… We need to go back! Now! Please?

4. I have 13 tattoos. Not all of them mean something, and not all of them I like. My tattoos that I do like, which coincidentally are the tattoos that mean something to me. The tattoos represent:

My dad, my children and stepchildren, my mum and my brother and our childhood. My husband. My love for the Harry Potter books, Autumn, and owls. And one is a tribute to an act of true love I saw once upon a time (in a Disney film).

If I were to ever give advice on tattoos it would be this: Never pick a tattoo because you like the look of it, or because it’s cool, or because you had £10 left from your birthday money and you just so happened to be passing a tattoo parlour and wanted to buy something that would last FOREVER! NEVER do that. EVER. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

My favourite tattoo is the tattoo that represents my dad. I see it every day and think of him.

5. I am fascinated by the history of life and how people lived. Why they did things a certain way, the words they used and traditions, both here in the UK and in Europe. But my interest isnt just in the history, its in the now too. I love to learn about cultures and religions, and I think I am so interested in this because I have a need to understand people.

So here are my 5. When you come face to face with choosing to make this list it can be quite difficult to decide what to choose as your 5.

Tell me your 5 favourite words and I will tell you mine 😉


Author: Alex@ministryofminding

Hi! 2017 was my year! 2018 will be too! I’ve been a registered childminder for the past 12 years and have loved working with babies, children and their families. Ministry of minding is my passion...a service that allows parents and careers to have time away from the children to reboot their energy levels and to help them discover themselves again, and eachother! Parenting is a full time job, even when we go to work full time! Having at least 1 full time job means we need a break...not just once every 3 months or so...We need regular time away to be the best parent or career we can be, and by regular I mean at least once a fortnight! Ministry of minding allows you to have that time away without feeling guilty! No one does a good job when they are running on empty! By choosing me to come to your house, I’m giving you peace of mind your children are well cared for and the ‘sitter‘ has a valid paediatric first aid certificate, is fully insured, has a level 4 qualification and has more than 12 years of experience in childcare and more than 16 years experience of being a homeowner and parent! I’m a very proud parent of 3 very clever daughters aged 16, 14 and 3. I’m doing what I’m passionate about because I want them to see any parent can go and achieve their dreams, no matter their circumstances or age! Thank you for taking your time to read this...and if you’ve gotten this far you might as well get to know me even more! I love (a lot!) Christmas, Halloween, Harry Potter (clue in my business name), Disney, Autumn and walking (or cycling) through the beautiful places in this world. Now you have to meet me to get to know me even more!

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