Why date night matters…


It’s so easy to think being there for your children 24/7 is the right thing, because sometimes society makes us feel like this, but running on empty and only giving them 10-70% of your energy because you’re so exhausted from your day to day life (without a break), is not good for you OR them!

OK, so it’s Monday afternoon, hubby has been at work since 07:00 (he set off at 06:15), El has had a productive morning with my help: got out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, chased the dogs around, we visited our local HE group, she played with friends (all children are El’s friends), learned about where France is on the map and what foods are traditional there, I managed to keep an adult conversation going about 30 minutes AND drink a whole cup of hot coffee (I know, this would not be a normal occasion in most people’s day with an almost 3 year old but lego was out and concentration was loooong!), assembled them back into the car without a bribe-though not without an argument, maintained a relatively tidy house after a solid 30 minute clean and tidy after lunch (hummus and veggies) and I’ve not cursed under my breath…yet.

I love my kids, I love how individually unique they are and I love their passion for learning. I love being able to be a part of their daily lives and I love being able to support them if they need me to, on demand.

I do miss my husband though, 10+ hours away every day is too long and I want him all to myself sometimes. He gets on my nerves more often than not but I crave the time alone we have when we aren’t being parents, cleaners, cooks, breadwinners and teachers.

Once a fortnight or more often if we can, our 14 year old will put our little one to bed while we have a date night. We either go out for a meal, out to the pub for a couple of drinks or to the cinema. If we can have time to ourselves in the day we go for a walk (and hold hands) or go to a coffee shop. We put down our phones and talk. It’s so nice to have a conversation without being interrupted! This is our time to catch up on friends and family, and make plans for days out and chat about stuff we don’t generally have time for.

After a date night or time away from our busy home we always feel refreshed, like we can achieve anything and it makes us better parents. We are happy to completely focus on the kids needs and get our own jobs done knowing when we need a break we can just take a walk or go on another date night… And as soon as plans are made we both instantly feel able to carry on with our day/week, knowing time away is only around the corner.

Take time for you…. But that’s another blog!

How do you take time away to regenerate your energy?

What are your new years resolutions in 2018?

What struggles do you have to get time out?

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Author: Alex@ministryofminding

Hi! 2017 was my year! 2018 will be too! I’ve been a registered childminder for the past 12 years and have loved working with babies, children and their families. Ministry of minding is my passion...a service that allows parents and careers to have time away from the children to reboot their energy levels and to help them discover themselves again, and eachother! Parenting is a full time job, even when we go to work full time! Having at least 1 full time job means we need a break...not just once every 3 months or so...We need regular time away to be the best parent or career we can be, and by regular I mean at least once a fortnight! Ministry of minding allows you to have that time away without feeling guilty! No one does a good job when they are running on empty! By choosing me to come to your house, I’m giving you peace of mind your children are well cared for and the ‘sitter‘ has a valid paediatric first aid certificate, is fully insured, has a level 4 qualification and has more than 12 years of experience in childcare and more than 16 years experience of being a homeowner and parent! I’m a very proud parent of 3 very clever daughters aged 16, 14 and 3. I’m doing what I’m passionate about because I want them to see any parent can go and achieve their dreams, no matter their circumstances or age! Thank you for taking your time to read this...and if you’ve gotten this far you might as well get to know me even more! I love (a lot!) Christmas, Halloween, Harry Potter (clue in my business name), Disney, Autumn and walking (or cycling) through the beautiful places in this world. Now you have to meet me to get to know me even more!

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