5 things you probably didn’t know about me!

We all have secrets… These are not secrets but these are things you’ll probably only get out of me after we have had 20+ conversations.

1. I went to school in New Zealand for a week while we were visiting friends for 2 months. They didn’t wear shoes and I discovered water fountains (and the fear of the lergy you can catch from them), Hungry Hungry Hippos game, the Smurfs and raisins! (I was 6)

2. We hired mopeds on a family holiday to Rhodes when I was 16 and a car pulled out in front of us, we turned sharply to avoid a collision and ended up sliding along the road. I got surface burns and a lovely old lady ran out to us and helped us into her house and then squirted my wounds with hydrogen peroxide! Ouch!

3. One of my most favourite places in the whole world (so far) is the World Showcase in Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida. I just love every inch of this. When my children were younger (and my 3rd wasn’t born) we got a Disney passport and travelled into each country experiencing encounters with people from the county, traditional food and drink from the country there was so much to learn about each place…and I just loved everything about it. My now 14 year old says she can’t remember going… We need to go back! Now! Please?

4. I have 13 tattoos. Not all of them mean something, and not all of them I like. My tattoos that I do like, which coincidentally are the tattoos that mean something to me. The tattoos represent:

My dad, my children and stepchildren, my mum and my brother and our childhood. My husband. My love for the Harry Potter books, Autumn, and owls. And one is a tribute to an act of true love I saw once upon a time (in a Disney film).

If I were to ever give advice on tattoos it would be this: Never pick a tattoo because you like the look of it, or because it’s cool, or because you had £10 left from your birthday money and you just so happened to be passing a tattoo parlour and wanted to buy something that would last FOREVER! NEVER do that. EVER. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

My favourite tattoo is the tattoo that represents my dad. I see it every day and think of him.

5. I am fascinated by the history of life and how people lived. Why they did things a certain way, the words they used and traditions, both here in the UK and in Europe. But my interest isnt just in the history, its in the now too. I love to learn about cultures and religions, and I think I am so interested in this because I have a need to understand people.

So here are my 5. When you come face to face with choosing to make this list it can be quite difficult to decide what to choose as your 5.

Tell me your 5 favourite words and I will tell you mine 😉


When Nap time is gone… Boo hoo :(

Poem of real life problems

My little Ellie. She is almost 3. She used to have a nap so regularly. She’d have a busy morning, eat all of her lunch, give me a hug and kisses a bunch. She’d close her eyes and look so peaceful…

Now the nap has gone. And I do miss it so. I used to have ‘me time’, so long ago.

Now I just schedule. And pay not a lot. For a Sitter to come. And I leave on the dot.

I have me a good time, and some much needed me time and I come back refreshed to be Mama again.

So if you need me time or us time or child-free time, remember to call Ministry of Minding, that is all.

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Why date night matters…


It’s so easy to think being there for your children 24/7 is the right thing, because sometimes society makes us feel like this, but running on empty and only giving them 10-70% of your energy because you’re so exhausted from your day to day life (without a break), is not good for you OR them!

OK, so it’s Monday afternoon, hubby has been at work since 07:00 (he set off at 06:15), El has had a productive morning with my help: got out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, chased the dogs around, we visited our local HE group, she played with friends (all children are El’s friends), learned about where France is on the map and what foods are traditional there, I managed to keep an adult conversation going about 30 minutes AND drink a whole cup of hot coffee (I know, this would not be a normal occasion in most people’s day with an almost 3 year old but lego was out and concentration was loooong!), assembled them back into the car without a bribe-though not without an argument, maintained a relatively tidy house after a solid 30 minute clean and tidy after lunch (hummus and veggies) and I’ve not cursed under my breath…yet.

I love my kids, I love how individually unique they are and I love their passion for learning. I love being able to be a part of their daily lives and I love being able to support them if they need me to, on demand.

I do miss my husband though, 10+ hours away every day is too long and I want him all to myself sometimes. He gets on my nerves more often than not but I crave the time alone we have when we aren’t being parents, cleaners, cooks, breadwinners and teachers.

Once a fortnight or more often if we can, our 14 year old will put our little one to bed while we have a date night. We either go out for a meal, out to the pub for a couple of drinks or to the cinema. If we can have time to ourselves in the day we go for a walk (and hold hands) or go to a coffee shop. We put down our phones and talk. It’s so nice to have a conversation without being interrupted! This is our time to catch up on friends and family, and make plans for days out and chat about stuff we don’t generally have time for.

After a date night or time away from our busy home we always feel refreshed, like we can achieve anything and it makes us better parents. We are happy to completely focus on the kids needs and get our own jobs done knowing when we need a break we can just take a walk or go on another date night… And as soon as plans are made we both instantly feel able to carry on with our day/week, knowing time away is only around the corner.

Take time for you…. But that’s another blog!

How do you take time away to regenerate your energy?

What are your new years resolutions in 2018?

What struggles do you have to get time out?

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